About Us

Our Vision:

  • To Support & Celebrate Indigenous Technology
  • To Promote & Respect Te Tiriti o Waitangi:
  • The DMF Incorporated Society has a commitment to the principle of partnership implicit in Te Tiriti o Waitangi


  • To advocate and support any person with the interest of Maori in or into the Information, Communications & Technology (ICT)  industry


  • To Unite: Bring us together
  • To Share: As one
  • To Inspire: Bridging the gap between rights and privileges

Our Values:

  • Manaakitia – Care for each other
  • Whanaungatanga – Relationships
  • Tautoko – Support


  • To provide opportunities for our members, utilizing “ICT” enabling pathways within our businesses
  • To advocate for Maori ICT business and businesses that utilize ICT, and increase Maori participation in the ICT industry

We will know when we have achieved this when:

  • We have a positive profile in Aotearoa and developed networks across the ICT sector
  • When the vision and purpose is being achieved
  • We have a pool of skilled dedicated and willing members
  • When the DMF Society is financially sustainable